At Tipsy Live Academy, we believe anyone can sing. Vocal music lessons here help you to identify your singing style and build upon that to maximize your full potential. We aim to help you master your voice and improve the pressure of your vocal chords via proper breathing exercises and vocal care. At our music school, students will learn how to condition and strengthen your voice to deliver a more dynamic live performance. All of these while applying performance tips and tricks to boost your confidence and persona as a singer on stage.


Whether your aim is to learn a new music skill, to eventually perform singing live or to build up your music career, Tipsy Live Academy will have a program that's for you!


A 1 Hour class where you will learn theory and basic fundamentals of singing and get to sing and perform during the remaining course. Light refreshments will be provided.  

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A 12 Hour bootcamp that spans over 2 days where we will immerse you into our singing program with a focus on fundamentals as well as performance tips and tricks!


12 Lessons, 60 minutes 

Our basic vocal course will introduce you to vocal anatomy, basic fundamentals and proper use of vocal chords, breathing regulation as well as diaphragm /projection training and corrective pitching.

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12 Lessons, 60 minutes 

Hone your voice with more advanced techniques and improve the pressure of your vocal chords with proper breathing exercises and vocal care.

Receive exposure to live performances and opportunities to work with an instrumentalist



12 Lessons, 60 minutes 

Master your voice working with some of the best in the industry, coupled with advanced stage training to prepare you for an industry level performance. Get the opportunity to do a song recording and work with professionals in the music production scene.