Our intermediate DJ course builds on the basics of DJing and prepares you to create more seamless transitions with the use of EQ and effects. At the end of the Intermediate DJ course, students will be ready to play in a LIVE setting and may have the opportunity to play to a LIVE audience.

6 Lessons, 60 minutes per session

  • Intermediate beat-matching and blending

  • Intermediate song mixing using EQ & effects

  • Song enhancing with effects

  • Mixing in key to create more musical and seamless mixes

  • Tracklist programming 

  • Basic Performance tricks - back spin, cue jump, roll, cuts, loops

  • Introduction to controllerism techniques - finger drumming

  • Introduction to turntablism - basic scratching

  • Professional tips and ironing out any bad habits

  • Recording of mixtape

  • LIVE - Playing to an audience for 30minutes, (subjected to age requirements and skill level)