What is the one-call Process?

When you contact Texas811 to have your underground utilities marked, you are initiating a process that includes our contact center, utility locators and utility companies working together to prepare you for safe digging. Our contact center takes your information on the work you are planning to do and after identifying which utilities have lines near your worksite, we notify the utilities of your plan to dig. The utilities send locators to your worksite to physically mark the ground to identify the position of the underground utilities. The two business day, excluding holidays, wait between making the request and being able to dig allows the utility companies to travel to your worksite. Underground utilities may be marked with flags or paint on the ground.

What is Texas811’s role in the one-call process?

Texas811 is the link between your plans to dig and our member utility companies. Texas811 does not actually mark underground utilities. We notify utility companies of the planned excavation and they send locators to mark their underground utilities.

Who needs to contact Texas811?

Anyone who is planning on digging and breaking ground in Texas.

Why do I need to contact Texas811?

Texas811 creates a ticket that alerts the nearby utility companies to go to your worksite and mark where their underground utilities are located. This helps prevent unintended consequences from digging into an underground utility such as injury, damage to property, and service outages.