Our Basic DJ Course will introduce you to the basics of DJ-ing and fundamental

music theory that will be useful to help make you a good DJ (don’t worry, it takes up the first 30mins of the entire course only.)

You will be introduced to various types of DJ equipment and their features / functions; after which, you will learn the fundamentals of DJ-ing - Beat matching and mixing. At the end of the Basic DJ course, students will be able to record their own mix to showcase to their family and friends!

6 Lessons, 60 minutes per session

  • Introduction to DJing

  • Introduction to equipment, functions and setting up

  • Understanding of song structure, tempo, genres

  • Introduction to beat-matching

  • Adjusting tempo and pitching

  • Introduction to DVS software Serato DJ

  • Basic song mixing

  • Usage of headphones and its various purposes

  • Introduction of Cue points

  • Introduction to EQ

  • Introduction to effects and its uses

  • Introduction to record pools

  • Recording of mixtape